Tune Ups

Did you know that your ski’s need to be tuned up to ensure optimal performance just like a car?

Skis get scratches and gouges on the bottoms from skiing over rocks, ice, and other debris. The bottom surfaces may also become concave over time. The metal edges on skis will become dull, will rust, and may become slightly deformed from skiing over rocks. Putzi’s skilled technicians can tune up your skis “in-house” so you can lead the pack down the slopes instead of trailing behind. Each season you should have either a full tune-up or a wax & sharpen performed on your skis.

Full tune-up

A full tune-up ensures optimal performance of your skis. All of the gouges and scratches on the bottom surfaces of the skis are filled, the bottoms are then ground flat. The metal edges are ground to make them straight, sharp, and clean. Then the correct degree of beveling is ground on the edges. The front of the skis (shovel) and the back of the skis (tail) are then de-tuned slightly. Finally the skis are hot waxed.This is usually for skis that see a lot of action or have been used in very adverse conditions.